My list of UX tasks

I asked myself about my current tasks, so I put this list together. I will update it from time to time. Anyway, I would love to hear some feedback.

Table with a laptop and pen & paper to write a list
Green Joe’s Coffee Company, Greensboro, United States


☐ Discuss UX-Requirements
What is the goal of the initiative, the new service, product, or feature?
(Involved roles: Stakeholders, Product Owner, Developers, Conversion Analysts, UI Designer)

☐ Ensure that you (and your teammates working on this matter) will be invited to all critical and relevant meetings.

☐ Stakeholder Mapping
Which stakeholders are part of the initiative?
How often should you invite stakeholders for discussions and meetings?

Analysis and Research

☐ Aggregating existing data like Adobe Analytics data, Mouseflow sessions, heatmaps, user feedback, previous UX-Tests, market research, personas, etc.
(Involved roles: UX Researcher, Conversion Analysts, UI Designer)

☐ Perform a Competitor Analysis

☐ Apply Usability Heuristics to your existing interface designs.
(Involved roles: UI Designer)

☐ Create/Ask for Personas and Customer-Segments
(Involved roles: UX Researcher, Conversion Analysts)

☐ Aligning UX with user psychology
E.g., task-positive vs. task-negative
(Involved roles: UX Researcher)


☐ Find User Needs

☐ Create User Flows

☐ Create Wireframes

☐ Define an MVP with stakeholders
(Involved roles: Product Owner, Developers, Conversion Analysts)

☐ Define testing-KPIs for AB-Testing
(Involved roles: Product Owner, Developers, Conversion Analysts)


☐ UX-Writing (Set tone & voice, check for legal guidelines, etc.…)
(Involved roles: UX Writer)

☐ Layout & Design (e.g., UI pattern, icons, logos, illustrations, animations)
(Involved roles: UI Designer)

☐ Accessibility Testing
(Involved roles: UI Designer)

☐ Prototyping
(Involved roles: UI Designer)


☐ Usability Tests: UX Test, Friendly UX Test, Hallway Test, Guerilla Test, etc.
The format has to be selected based on time and budget.
(Involved roles: UX Researcher, UI Designer, UX Writer)

☐ Conduct an online research community
(Involved roles: UX Researcher)

☐ Set up AB-Testing with testing-engineers and conversion analysts
(Involved roles: Product Owner, Developers, Conversion Analysts)

Discussion & Handover

☐ Visualize insights

☐ Gather open questions for stakeholders or product owner & developers

☐ Optimize UI assets
(Involved roles: UI Designer)

☐ Share code examples. (If needed and/or wanted)
(Involved roles: UI Designer)

☐ Share accessibility guidelines. (Inform about WCAG standards)
(Involved roles: UI Designer)


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