Supply Chain Innovation


Service Design

Service Design has the goal to optimize and enhance a product, a service, or a process. User experience and internal processes are focused. Service Design can also be a strategic approach that requires a wide range of research methods. The goal is to find insights and pain points or find possible weaknesses or problems of a process. Visualizations like journey mapping and blueprints make it easier to understand strategies. It also allows optimizing the process based on the blueprint and visualize the improved method.

Sartorius Supply Chain

For this project, we developed an enhancement of the current supply chain process, which includes a new packaging that uses NFC and RFID technology and a tracking app for the customers of Sartorius.
We started by organizing field research at different laboratories in Hildesheim and Hannover. In addition to the field research, we managed to have some interviews, and we also did a secondary analysis based on the provided data. We were able to identify pain points and signals, leading to some final topics that could need enhancements.
After deciding to work on the supply chain topic, we created different journey maps which visualized the current and the future journey of a Sartorius AG supply chain.


My part was to visualize the supply chain journey, technology scouting, the development of the infographic, and 1st iteration of an application that might track a laboratory device’s position.

University’s press office reports about the Service Design Project with Sartorius AG


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